Group / 【產險】🌳2023 ITs Time 職缺總覽_資訊科技👨‍💻

click 👉公有雲系統管理工程師
click 👉【中台】軟體測試工程師
click 👉【中台】系統工程師
click 👉【核心】SA系統分析師
click 👉【核心】Java 程式設計師

  • Salary Range: Negotiable (Regular salary is 40,000 and above.)
  • Type: Full-time
  • Expatriation: Business trip/expatriation not required
  • Work hour: Day shift
  • Location: Taipei City Neihu District
  • Leave system: Two-day weekend
  • Required number of employee: No restriction
  • Work experience: No restriction
  • Experience: No restriction
  • Required education level: No restriction
  • Required program: No restriction
  • Required language ability: No restriction
  • Knowledge: No restriction
  • License: No restriction
  • Other requirements: 🌳專為資訊人才設計的招募計畫,透過快速書審、一日面試會,迅速媒合職缺,並於當日通知結果!
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